Today, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili released a public letter from NDP House Leader Cathy Sproule and called on the government to respond to repeated requests from the opposition for a full budget and the reconvening of the Legislature.

“The Sask. Party and Scott Moe have been writing themselves blank cheques behind closed doors,” said Meili. “Meanwhile, they’re closing hospitals in rural Saskatchewan, even as they start opening up other parts of the province. They’re promising billions of dollars in spending, without telling us how they’ll make sure it goes to Saskatchewan workers and companies.

“Saskatchewan people have questions about the cuts and sell-offs that will follow, and they deserve a government willing to give them answers.”

Sproule’s letter repeats the call for the introduction of a full budget, with 28 days of consideration and Question Period.

“This government wants everything to happen behind closed doors, including conversations about whether they plan to be accountable to the people of the province,” said Meili. “People deserve better. Behind the paywall of the Wall Street Journal, Scott Moe’s handpicked economic advisor, Stephen Harper, has said tax hikes and cuts to services like healthcare and education are “inevitable”. Cuts and privatization are always the Sask. Party playbook. We will fight it every step of the way.”

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