Reality Check: Scott Moe ignores Scott Moe’s advice, spreads misinformation instead

While the Premier tweets cherry-picked hospitalization statistics to suit his political agenda, the government’s own best-case scenario shows an imminent health care disaster.

Perhaps he should take his own September 21 advice, and listen to the medical community scrambling to prevent a collapse of Saskatchewan’s health system:

  • “Highest surge ever with staffing pressures in all sectors is combining to create the toughest wave in Saskatchewan, yet.” – SHA Physician Town Hall, January 13th
  • If you were going to get in a car accident today, heaven forbid, I have nowhere to put you.”   - Shelby Hatchen, nurse at RUH
  • “It's going to crash kind of all at once, and it's going to be really, really challenging to manage.”   - Dr. Alex Wong, infectious disease specialist
  • “The situation we have now is unsustainable…[w]e need them to stop watching and start acting.”   - Bashir Jalloh, nuclear medicine technologist & CUPE 5440 President
  • “We really need to minimize our non-essential contacts in the next two to four weeks. That is going to be critical.”   - Dr. Saqib Shahab, Chief Medical Health Officer

While the Premier heeds neither alarms from the front lines nor the writing on the wall, Saskatchewan people’s lives are at risk. 


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