Reality Check: Sask. Party bypasses bragging about bungled Bypass

The Sask. Party recently sent a flyer to Regina voters bragging about “investing in Regina’s economy,” but the flyer made no mention of the Regina Bypass, their single biggest expense in 13 years of government.

Why didn’t they mention it? Doesn’t the Sask. Party want to claim responsibility for building the most expensive stretch of flat road in our nation’s history?

Is it because the project ballooned from $400 million to $2 billion to accommodate Bill Boyd’s pet project, the scandal-plagued Global Transportation ghost town?

Maybe they don’t want to talk about Sask. Party insiders making millions off of the people of the province with questionable land deals?

Maybe it’s because of all the deficiencies (at least 1,100) found during its construction.  

Or that it’s seeing only one-quarter of the projected daily traffic.

It seems the Sask. Party just doesn’t want to talk about the truckers and farmers who got stuck on the Bypass because the roundabouts weren’t large enough, or their decision to hire a French conglomerate, freeze out local contractors, and funnel public money out of the country.

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