Reality Check: Premier’s own contradictions cost lives

Yesterday, the Premier said he could have acted “possibly a week sooner” on stronger measures to protect people from COVID-19. But today on CBC, he admitted he could have acted on August 26 - over three weeks before he implemented a mask mandate and a full five weeks before he implemented a proof of vaccination policy.

Despite the Premier’s claim today that Saskatchewan was “one of the earliest provinces to move on” implementing a proof of vaccination policy, Saskatchewan was actually the seventh province to do so.

Neither the Premier’s talking points nor hindsight are reliable. This would be unfortunate at the best of times, but at this critical stage of the pandemic, it’s flat out dangerous. Our healthcare system is collapsing, and people are dying.

Since August 26:

  • 21,669 people have tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Nearly four times as many COVID-19 patients are clinging to life in ICUs.
  • 191 Saskatchewan people have died.

Saskatchewan people are sad, sick, and grieving and they deserve so much better.


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