Reality Check: Paul who?

Minister of Health Paul Merriman’s last public sighting was over a month ago, on August 25, when he claimed his government’s public health response to the 4th wave was going just fine and that the Government of Saskatchewan was “not looking at any change in direction.” Here’s what’s changed since the Minister last showed up to work:

  • 13,052 people have contracted COVID-19
  • 181 more people in hospital battling COVID-19
  • Active case load has tripled
  • 80 more Saskatchewan families are grieving
  • Sask.’s top doctor confirmed the Ministry is withholding modelling
  • Cancer, cardiac and brain surgeries have been cancelled
  • Adults are taking up pediatric intensive care beds in the children’s hospital
  • Pediatric treatment, therapies and surgeries have been cancelled
  • Saskatchewan’s organ donation program has been suspended
  • SHA has redistributed its ethical triage guide 

Minister Paul Merriman seems to have already quit -- it’s time to make it official. It’s time for him to resign. 


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