Today, NDP Leader Ryan Meili called on the province to employ local workers at the Golden South Wind project in Assiniboia, where workers are currently slated to be flown in from other parts of the country. Meili also repeated his call for a Sask First procurement model to put local workers first in Saskatchewan projects.

“People in Saskatchewan are out of work right now. Why would we bring workers in from out of province, risking the spread of COVID-19, when we can get local workers on the job right away?” said Meili. “When our Crowns build our power plants, they should build them with our companies and our workers. That’s even more urgent today.”

Meili was joined by Building Trades Saskatchewan Executive Director Dion Malakoff, who said that Saskatchewan workers are ready to take on the work.

“As unemployment rises across the province, it’s hard to understand why we’d let qualified Saskatchewan workers sit at home, while out-of-province workers come in and put our province at greater risk of COVID-19,” said Malakoff. “Local workers are ready to go, and they need the work. The smart approach is to protect our health and put people to work at the same time.”

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