Premier Scott Moe must come clean on balanced budget campaign lie: Meili

SASKATOON - Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili slammed Sask. Party Premier Scott Moe today for continuing to lie about his campaign promise to balance the provincial budget by 2024.

Today Scott Moe told reporters “we won’t have a balance in our four year projection” but refused to give any concrete examples of what has changed between now and the last election.

“Scott Moe’s continued refusal to own his own words is incredibly disrespectful to the people of Saskatchewan,” said Meili. “The fact is, a balanced budget by 2024 was a central Sask. Party campaign pledge that the premier repeated over and over. And the fact that he’s now breaking that promise with no reasonable explanation is only further proof he can’t be trusted with what matters most to Saskatchewan people.”

Meili noted that the Saskatchewan Party’s social media, their platform and the Premier himself all prominently highlighted the commitment to balance the budget by 2024. Not only that, as late as January 28 of this year the Premier, in excusing his delay of session and the budget, said his government was “continuing to work toward our commitment to balance the budget by 2024.”

“The fact is that Scott Moe has never balanced a budget and it’s doubtful he ever will. He certainly had no intention of doing so by 2024, but he was perfectly willing to mislead Saskatchewan people during an election.” said Meili. “Scott Moe owes the people of this province an apology.”

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