NDP: Scrap proposed power rate hikes amid affordability crisis, revenue boom

REGINA - In light of SaskPower’s proposed 8% rate increase amid rising cost of living and affordability pressures, Official Opposition SaskPower Critic Aleana Young called on the government to scrap the proposed utility rate hike to give Saskatchewan families a break. 

“Despite a massive windfall in provincial revenues, the Sask. Party continues to nickel and dime Saskatchewan families, farms and small businesses,” said Young. “It’s clear the government has the money to give people a break. What’s less clear is whether they will do anything about the crushing financial hardship more and more are facing, and scrap this rate hike.”

Since 2016, the Sask. Party has increased power rates four times. With the latest 8% hike, set to be imposed over the next two years, families and businesses will pay approximately 18% more on their power bills by 2024 compared to 2016. 

“Inflation, the cost of gas and sky-high food prices are stretching families and businesses beyond breaking point. Instead of helping them get back on their feet, the Sask. Party decided to make life even more expensive,” said Young. “First they introduced 32 new taxes and fee hikes. Now they want to increase power bills for the fourth time since 2016. We need a government that will make life more affordable, not one determined to squeeze Saskatchewan people for every last penny.”

The Official Opposition calls on the government to stop this rate hike and provide immediate relief to the many families left behind by the affordability crisis. 


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