NDP, Roland Crowe, Call for Halt to Crown Land Sales

REGINA - Today, Betty Nippi-Albright, Official Opposition Critic for First Nations and Métis Relations and Truth and Reconciliation, was joined by a delegation of traditional land users led by former FSIN Chief Roland Crowe to call on the provincial government to halt the sale of Crown land. 

Crown lands belong to all of us, and they’re especially important for First Nations and Métis hunters, gatherers, and traditional land users trying to exercise their Treaty and Inherent rights.” said Nippi-Albright. “The provincial government has been selling off these lands relentlessly for more than a decade, and they need to stop right now or we won’t have anything left.”

We are requesting that this government put a stop to the sale of lands that are encumbered by Treaty First Nations,” said Crowe. “This drives up the cost of land and affects all farmers and ranchers, all hunters fishers and gatherers, and future generations of First Nations and non-First Nations alike.”

Roland Crowe is a former Chief of the Piapot First Nation and former chief of the FSIN. He was instrumental in signing the 1992 Treaty Land Entitlement agreement between the FSIN, the federal government and the provincial government.


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