NDP pushing to give parents access to extended parental leave

In an effort to allow families the ability to fully access parental leave benefits, the NDP introduced Bill No. 610 — The Saskatchewan Employment (Extended Parental Leave) Amendment Act, 2018.

The federal government has extended parental leave up to 18 months, but the Sask. Party continues to limit it to only 12 months and has failed to change the Saskatchewan Employment Act.

“We want to amend this legislation to allow parents access to benefits that are already available to them,” said NDP Labour Relations Critic Nicole Rancourt. “It doesn’t make sense for the Sask. Party not to support this. These options are important to parents, and they deserve access to them.”

Alberta and Ontario has already brought in legislation that aligns them with the federal government’s regulations.

“The Sask. Party is once again holding us back while other province’s march ahead,” said Rancourt. “This is a quick and common sense fix that would make the lives of so many families much easier.”

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