On the first anniversary of the shutdown of Greyhound Canada services in Western Canada, and eight months after the Sask. Party walked away from $10 million in federal intercity transport funding, the Saskatchewan NDP is pushing the Sask. Party government to stop leaving federal money on the table and work with the feds on an intercity transit strategy. 

ATU Canada, the Amalgamated Transit Union, is calling today on all levels of government to develop a strategy to build a new intercity transit service for future generations in the wake of the loss of Greyhound and STC.

Meanwhile, Public Accounts documents released today show a significant increase in government travel, even as the Sask. Party neglects the transportation needs of Saskatchewan people. Ministerial travel has jumped 21 percent over the previous year, while Premier’s travel is up 25.7 percent over Wall’s last year in government.

“Clearly this is a government that is letting people down while they look after their own,” said Municipal Relations Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “Saskatchewan people are now entering our third winter with no safe, reliable, public transportation, but this government continues to hold stranded Saskatchewan seniors hostage by refusing to come to the table.

“It’s time we put Saskatchewan people first by restoring STC. We can and should reconnect our communities with a strong public transit network.”

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