NDP pushes government to fix our worst-in-Canada minimum wage formula

With Saskatchewan’s minimum wage once again the lowest in the country, after Nova Scotia hiked its by 55 cents today to $11.55 per hour, the NDP is calling on government MLAs to vote in favour of their bill to phase in a $15/hour minimum wage.

“At a time when Saskatchewan already has the lowest year-over-year change in average weekly earnings, we need to be focused on upstream solutions that will lower poverty, make life more affordable for families and boost local businesses,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Raising the minimum wage would achieve all three.”

Meili has introduced a bill that would increase Saskatchewan’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2022 from its current $11.06 per hour.

“With the high cost of living and PST hikes bearing down, the Sask. Party government is completely out of touch with the realities that families face today,” said Warren McCall, NDP Critic for Labour Relations and Workplace Safety. “With the government’s current approach, the minimum wage in Saskatchewan would not reach $15 per hour until 2052. Raising the minimum wage is the best way to stand up for Saskatchewan workers, but this government simply isn’t interested.”

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