Rejecting the Sask. Party’s cut-and-paste budget as incomplete and not up to the task of kickstarting a people-first recovery, NDP Leader Ryan Meili pressed the Premier today to return in September with a complete budget, including the standard four-year projections and an allocation of the $200 million contingency fund. 

“When Scott Moe finally agreed to our calls to return to the Legislature, we expected him to show up with a recovery plan. Instead, he brought nothing but a cut-and-paste rehash of the pre-pandemic budget the Sask. Party wanted to present in March,” said Meili. “They are hiding their true plans for deep cuts after the next election from the people of Saskatchewan.

“The document they tabled hides their real plans. For that reason, I have written to the Premier today calling on him to come back to the Legislature in September with a full budget. ‘Just trust us’ isn’t good enough for people worried about their jobs, their schools, and their healthcare.”

Meili’s letter called on the Premier to convene a September sitting of the Legislature and present two items for debate and democratic oversight:

  • The standard, regularly provided budget projections for years two, three and four; and
  • An allocation of the $200 million contingency fund.

The Sask. Party has pointed repeatedly to their contingency fund as an answer to every missing element in Sask. Party’s pandemic response.

“The incomplete budget document they’ve presented is an insult to Saskatchewan people and a slap in the face of everyone who’s out of work or struggling with childcare, every parent concerned about a safe return to school in September. When times get tough, the Sask. Party playbook is cuts and Crown selloffs. What is the Sask. Party so desperate to hide until after the election that they can’t say a thing about their plan?”

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