NDP: Fire failing Education Minister

A minister that gambles with children’s safety and lies to the public isn’t fit for the job

In light of a pattern of questionable behaviour from Saskatchewan’s Education Minister and his recent comments misrepresenting consultation with education sector stakeholders, Official Opposition Critic Carla Beck called on Premier Scott Moe to replace Minister Duncan with someone who will do their job. 

“He had no plan for the 4th wave, instead meddling with public health decisions throughout the fall. Now, having lied about consulting with divisions during the worst surge yet, it’s crystal clear - the Minister needs to be replaced,” said Beck. “The premier has entrusted the health and safety of our next generation with someone unfit to keep them safe. Enough is enough, it’s time for him to go.”

On Wednesday, the Education Minister claimed he had consulted divisions and school boards on return to classes last week.This was directly contradicted by SSBA President Shawn Davidson who said “[t]here was never any indication given to us from the government that they were contemplating responding to that request.”

This is just the latest in a string of bad leadership from Minister Duncan:

In addition to calling for the Premier to replace his Education Minister, Beck called for the province to urgently take safety precautions outlined in the Sask. NDP’s Safe School Strategy to ensure schools can safely stay open. 


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