NDP demands independent inquiry into the Sask. Party’s handling of the pandemic

Fall session revealed more questions than answers on deadly 4th wave

REGINA - With mounting evidence the Sask. Party government put political considerations ahead of a public health response that would have protected Saskatchewan’s health system and saved lives, the Official Opposition is calling for the Premier to commit to a full independent public inquiry into the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We started this session knowing the Premier had ignored Dr. Shahab’s recommendations, buried the modelling, and had ignored doctors and other medical experts,” said Meili. “What’s become clear since, is that Saskatchewan’s health system has been driven to the brink of collapse, SHA leaders are jumping ship, but this government refuses to answer why. The Sask. Party government spent the fall session spinning instead of providing answers to why they continued to put politics ahead of people’s lives during the greatest health crisis of our generation.”

A public inquiry would provide answers to outstanding questions on the provincial government’s failed handling of the fourth wave:

“This is a government that has shown time and time again that it is politics, not what is best for Saskatchewan people, that has driven it’s COVID response. The people of this province deserve answers on the medical advice and recommendations that were provided to this Premier and his government,” said Meili. “We need an non-partisan, independent inquiry to get to the bottom of what led Saskatchewan to have the worst pandemic response of all provinces.”


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