The NDP are pushing for answers on the Sask. Party’s strategy of flooding the market with houses and condominiums while failing to develop the affordable units that would address housing insecurity.

“The Sask. Party squandered the boom by giving money to developers to build market-value properties instead of building much-needed affordable units,” said NDP Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “That failed housing strategy has done nothing but let Saskatchewan families down.”

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation said that Regina has a high rate of overbuilding, which has led to more inventory and an elevated rental vacancy. As a result of choices made by the Sask. Party, the province now has the highest rate of mortgages in arrears in the country, and the value of homes is dropping.

“To make things worse, the Sask. Party added a tax hike to construction labour and handed over construction of public projects to out-of-province companies, forcing many construction workers to leave the province and putting even more houses on the market,” Wotherspoon said. “On front after front, the Sask. Party has made life tougher for Saskatchewan people.”

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