NDP calls on Sask. Party government to scrap Bill 70

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Corrections and Policing Critic Nicole Sarauer called on the Sask. Party government to abandon their plans to create a new partisan security force at the legislature. If passed, Bill 70 would strip the independent Sergeant-at-Arms of most of his powers, only to be unnecessarily replaced by a new security force answerable to the Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety. 

“We are calling on the government to scrap this bill, which is an unprecedented attack on the independence of security at the Legislative Building”, Sarauer stated. “Instead of dealing with the ongoing consequences of their failed pandemic response, the Sask. Party government is trying to inexplicably grab partisan control of the security at the legislature.”

Typically, security concerns within and around the legislature are handled in a bipartisan manner, with concerns raised through the Board of Internal Economy. Bill 70 would give the government control over who is appointed to manage security at the Legislative Building and who is able to protest outside the legislature. The creation of this new security force, which would report to the Minister of Corrections and Policing, would put Saskatchewan out of step with nearly every other legislature and the Parliament of Canada.

“If there have been increased security threats to people working in this building, it is news to our caucus”, explained Sarauer. “Either we have not been properly informed of legitimate threats to the safety of our staff and caucus, or the government is attempting to gain partisan control of the security inside and around this building. Both potential explanations are truly alarming.”


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