NDP Leader Ryan Meili has called on Premier Scott Moe to reverse today's cut to the net metering program and immediately return to the previous 1:1 net metering credit rate.

Moe announced today his government would be eliminating the rebate from their net metering program and slashing the excess power credit rate from 14 cents per kilowatt hour to 7.5 cents.

As Erwin Heuck, managing director of the Distributed Energy Association of Saskatchewan, wrote in today's Leader Post and StarPhoenix, "In places that have moved away from net metering, and imposed discounts to excess power (e.g. wholesale rates), the solar industry has collapsed. That path would be a disaster in lost jobs and opportunities for green energy across Saskatchewan.” 

"Scott Moe is killing a successful industry that’s our best hope for addressing climate change," said Meili. “For the sake of the 800 jobs at stake, and for the sake of the climate, we’re calling on Premier Moe to fully restore the net metering program.”

Meili also recommitted to implementing his “Renew Saskatchewan” program, which would see the province cover the up-front cost of retrofits and clean energy installations for homes and businesses, to be paid back out of the savings.

“We can create good jobs and reduce people’s bills while reducing emissions, said Meili. “Instead we’ve got a government that’s letting people down by dragging its feet on climate change and cutting successful programs.”

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