With the Sask. Party government writing itself yet another blank cheque in the form of a $56,000,000 special warrant, the Saskatchewan NDP is calling for the government to reopen the Legislature with sufficient time to properly scrutinize and pass a budget.

“Yet again, Scott Moe and the Sask. Party are writing themselves blank cheques behind closed doors” said NDP Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “Meanwhile, Saskatchewan people wait in vain for the government to present a comprehensive plan to guide the recovery from COVID-19.” 

The special warrant, approved by Order in Council on May 20 and published today, indicates only that the 56 million dollars will be spent on “Miscellaneous Payments – Unforeseen and Unprovided for.”

“Yet again, this special warrant provides no clarity at all when it comes to how this money is to be spent,” said Wotherspoon. “How much of this is for new COVID-19 spending? Where is it going? It is completely possible that this spending is urgently needed and completely legitimate, but the people of the province deserve to know what it’s for. 

“People deserve answers to these questions, and those answers should be provided in the Legislative Assembly with enough time for proper scrutiny and debate. This is what we’ve been calling for, and we await details of the government’s plan to reopen the Legislature.”

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