The NDP is raising questions about a deal a cabinet minister’s family member got on office space at the Global Transportation Hub

“Every decision the Sask Party makes at the GTH loses us money,” said NDP GTH Critic Cathy Sproule. “This latest deal needs to be properly investigated now that Colliers has assumed responsibility. We need to know how this company was identified as a possibility to lease the space, and who approved cutting the cost for the space by thirty percent.”

Sproule wrote the Conflict of Interest Commissioner today, asking him to investigate. She noted that the lease was signed in October 2019, the same month that management of the Global Transportation Hub was transferred to Colliers International, leading her to ask what discussions related to the lease took place while the GTH was still under the control of the Sask. Party government.

“The Sask. Party has resisted changing our province’s outdated conflict of interest and lobbying legislation, and they’ve shut down every attempt to investigate the sketchy land deals at the GTH,” Sproule said. “Saskatchewan people deserve transparency and a full judicial inquiry into the land deals at the heart of this failed project.”

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