Mowat: More Information Required on e-Health Security Breach

People deserve to know if their personal health records have been accessed 

SASKATOON - The recent serious security breach for Saskatchewan’s e-health records highlights the Sask Party government’s failure to keep people’s personal health information secure and private. The government has been slow to identify and acknowledge the breach publicly and appear not to be pursuing any more information on who was affected. 

“This is people’s personal and sensitive information. So far, we don’t know which individuals records were accessed, by whom, and what might be done with them,” said Official Opposition Health Critic, Vicki Mowat. “Obviously there are serious gaps in our security systems that have to be addressed immediately, but  it is also critical that Saskatchewan families are provided with a clear and accurate accounting of what personal health information is out there.”

The government recently announced a review of the governance management and program operations at eHealth but has given no indication that individuals affected by the province’s largest ever security breach would be contacted. The government has said that a minimum of 547,145 files with people’s health records and personal information were accessed in the ransomware attack, but admitted that the number could be significantly higher. 

“If someone has accessed my personal information, I’d want to know,” said Mowat. “This kind of breach leaves people open to identity theft and all sorts of fraud. The government has a duty to notify every person in Saskatchewan whose files were accessed.” 

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