Meili challenges missing-in-action Moe to show leadership, condemn COVID disinformation

With cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan up 400 percent in the last thirty days, and hospitalizations up 300 percent, NDP Leader Ryan Meili challenged Premier Scott Moe to finally show some leadership to get ahead of the second wave by advocating for essential public health measures such as masking and vaccinations as municipal leaders are doing, rather than letting anti-mask and anti-vaxx extremists take up all the oxygen.

"Saskatchewan is at a crossroads,” said Meili. “This is a time for people to protect and support one another, not spread harmful misinformation, and our Premier should be on the front line of that fight, not missing-in-action the way Scott Moe has been.”

According to a review by University of Regina business administration professor Sean Tucker, Scott Moe has been far less active than other western Canadian Premiers in encouraging the public to follow public health measures.

"Scott Moe’s silence, while disinformation spreads in our province like wildfire, sends a terrible message to everyone who has lost a family member to COVID or who is risking their lives on the frontlines,” said Meili. “It’s long past time for the Premier to stop cowering behind false hope and half measures and start advocating for basic public health principles and against damaging disinformation."

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