Meili calls for investment in Saskatchewan’s energy city

NDP Leader Ryan Meili is in Estevan today to discuss the region’s future with local leaders.

“Estevan has always been an energy city. With the best solar exposure in the country and great opportunities for wind and geothermal, the future can and should be bright for this community as we modernize our energy system,” Meili said. “But that takes leadership, and the Sask. Party government isn’t providing any direction or clarity about the future.”

With no participation or support from the provincial government in responding to the federally mandated coal phase-out introduced by Stephen Harper, Meili is calling on the provincial government to step up to the table, give clear answers and work with the community to plan for the future. 

“The world is changing, the energy sector is changing, and Saskatchewan needs a government that’s willing and able to navigate that change in a way that modernizes our grid and supports jobs in southeast Saskatchewan,” Meili said. “The NDP is committed to investing in Estevan as Saskatchewan’s energy city.”

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