Meili calls for legislative oversight to ensure accountability

As the province releases more information on the state of Saskatchewan’s finances, NDP Leader Ryan Meili wrote to Premier Scott Moe, asking for a plan to ensure appropriate legislative oversight and accountability.

“We understand from the Premier that he is not interested in a collaborative task force with leaders to help guide our response to the immediate and long-term impacts of COVID-19, but every plan can be improved with another set of eyes” said Meili. “While a task force would be our preference, we know that people across the province have important concerns about whether the government is doing enough for people at this time. We need a plan for oversight on both their spending and their plans to respond to COVID-19.”

Meili noted that the World Health Organization’s most recent strategy report urges governments to adopt a cross-partisan, multi-sector response to COVID-19.

“We know some people are being left out of this government’s plan,” said Meili. “As many families struggle to put food on the table, we have a government that is doing nothing to ensure food banks can meet growing demand. As frontline workers warn of an urgent need to protect the most vulnerable, we have a government refusing to step up with what’s needed. Businesses, First Nations, workers and many more are looking for answers right now.

“We will continue to call on this government to do everything possible to put Saskatchewan people first.”

Meili said the opposition is prepared to work with the government on ways to preserve physical distancing while resuming Legislative business.

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