Waitlists for midwifery care in Saskatchewan are extensive, resulting in many who wish to access midwifery services being unable to do so.

  • Midwife-facilitated births amounted to only 2.9% of total births in 2019, with demand far exceeding the limited supply of midwives in our province.
  • According to the Canadian Association of Midwives, 53% of women seeking midwifery care in Saskatoon are turned away due to lengthy waitlists.
  • Midwifery provides a model of care that is: individualized, community-centred, and cost-effective.
  • The expansion of midwifery services not only makes sense for: pregnant people and families, but also for our province's fiscal wellbeing.

The Official Opposition's Status of Women critic Jennifer Bowes has started a petition to call on the Sask. Party government to ensure those who wish to access midwifery services in Saskatchewan are able to. You can help by printing, signing, and mailing in the petition found here: Midwifery Waitlists Petition

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