Isolation requirements needed to protect kids and save the school year

Urgent action needed in schools and classrooms buckling under pressure of 4th wave 

REGINA - Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Ryan Meili, joined by Opposition Education Critic Carla Beck, called on the Sask. Party government to introduce self-isolation requirements for all kids who are close contacts to positive COVID-19 cases. They also called for teachers and school staff to be included in mandatory vaccine requirements and for rapid testing and contact tracing resources to be provided to schools and daycares. 

“It makes absolutely no sense for kids to be excluded from our current public health order. Right now, unvaccinated kids who have been in close contact with someone sick with COVID-19 can still go to crowded daycares and classrooms,” said Beck. “It doesn’t just fly in the face of what the medical community has been telling this government for months, it’s downright dangerous.”

Saskatchewan kids are currently exempt from isolation requirements under Saskatchewan’s current public health order, despite a full third of Saskatchewan schools having been hit by COVID-19. In the last seven days, unvaccinated children and youth made up nearly one third of all new cases. With hundreds of cases reported among kids in September, Saskatchewan pediatrician Dr. Ayisha Kurji told the media that the government’s plan is “putting our kids at unnecessary risk.” Despite the Premier claiming rapid tests were available across the province, schools continue to report barriers to accessing these important tools for limiting COVID-19 transmission.     

“Scott Moe's choice to treat this school year like we aren’t in a pandemic was a mistake. He had the science, he had the roadmap for a safe September and he chose not to act,” said Meili. “ Scott Moe needs to get back to work and re-introduce science-based measures that will keep kids and school staff safe. It’s not too late to take steps to protect our kids and save the school year.


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