“Last week the Minister for SaskTel said that the Sask. Party is still considering its options when it comes to allowing Huawei to be a part of SaskTel’s 5G network.

“Today, we are calling once again on the Sask. Party to immediately make it clear that Huawei should have no role whatsoever in SaskTel’s 5G network. We are also calling for a full assessment of the risks created by the Huawei infrastructure already in SaskTel’s towers.

“At this moment, more than ever, we need to invest to ensure everyone in Saskatchewan has access to high-speed Internet. But that can’t involve shortcuts that grant Huawei significant access to the province’s Internet infrastructure.

“Australia and the United States, along with Bell and Telus, have already banned Huawei from their 5G networks because of serious security risks created by Huawei’s ties to the government of China.  

“But instead of acting to ban Huawei from SaskTel’s network, the Sask. Party has spent the last year and a half putting Saskatchewan people at risk. We shouldn’t have to wait another day longer for the Sask. Party to put people first and ban Huawei from SaskTel’s 5G network.”

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