Suspend the Fuel Tax

  • Saskatchewan people are struggling to keep up with the increased costs of food, shelter, and other basic necessities and wages have not kept up with the rate of inflation.
  • According to an October 2023 Angus Reid poll, more than one third of people in Saskatchewan are struggling with the cost of living.
  • The Sask. Party government could provide immediate cost of living relief to Saskatchewan families by suspending the 15 cent per litre provincial gas tax.
  • The Saskatchewan NDP, the Canadian Taxpayer Federation, among others, have been calling for immediate gas tax relief for not only months, but years.
  • Other jurisdictions, such as Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Newfoundland, have suspended or reduced their provincial fuel taxes to make life more affordable for residents of their province.

Tell the Sask. Party government to immediately suspend the collection of the provincial fuel tax from gasoline and diesel for a period of six months to help families struggling with the high cost of living.

Will you sign?