Today, NDP Leader Ryan Meili wrote to Scott Moe to demand a return to the Legislature for Premier Scott Moe to answer for his government’s disastrous return-to-school plan.

“It’s clear that the Premier was hoping that if he ignored this problem for long enough, it would just go away,” said Meili. “Everyone in the province knew that with overcrowded classrooms and overstretched school budgets, getting kids back to school safely would be a challenge. But instead of stepping up and finding a solution, this government wasted so much time they had to delay the return to school. With all of this confusion, it’s time for families, teachers, school staff and school divisions to get real answers from this government.”

Meili stated the safe reopening of schools is his top priority and that the Saskatchewan NDP Caucus is demanding the legislature reopen to allow for an emergency debate on the school reopening plan.

“Everywhere I go, every family I speak to is extremely worried about the safety of their kids and their families this fall. People are tired of a government that just keeps ignoring their concerns, and keeps refusing to put a real plan in place,” said Meili. “And if the Premier believes he has a plan that meets the needs of Saskatchewan families, he should be prepared to defend that plan on the floor of the Legislature.”

Meili also noted that returning to the Legislature would give the government a chance to respond to the suicide crisis in Saskatchewan and pass legislation on suicide prevention. It would also allow for a fiscal update that includes the financial projections omitted from this year’s budget.

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