Consequences of Sask. Party politics could have lifelong effects for Saskatchewan patients

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili was joined in the Legislature by Jessica Eide, a 22-year-old woman who has had 4 surgeries cancelled to call on the premier to accept responsibility for his decisions in the 4th wave that led to a healthcare lockdown that have shut out so many from necessary urgent care. 

“These are the people who are having to live with the political choices of this Premier. The government wants to move on, but Saskatchewan patients like Jessica are living with these consequences every day,” said Meili. “This government knew what it was doing. We’ve seen the modelling they ignored. While medical professionals pleaded for action, they chose to listen to ‘other sources of information’.”

The Sask. Party government’s decisions in the 4th wave were not guided by medical recommendations. Cases began skyrocketing in late August and early September while the government sat idly by and did nothing. Despite record-breaking case rates, Premier Moe refused to reintroduce mask mandates and proof of vaccination even though modelling at the time showed masking would half cases and ICU admissions. 

The province did not implement mandatory masking until September 17 and did not implement proof of vaccination until October 1, announcing the policy one day after Alberta announced it was reintroducing restrictions, making Saskatchewan the nation-wide outlier. By this point, the health care system had already reached a breaking point, and surgeries had already been cancelled in the week prior. It was these decisions which will now potentially have lifelong consequences for Saskatchewan patients like Jessica.  

“Until I get this surgery, my quality of life is limited. I have issues working because I can’t stay on my leg for long periods of time,” said Eide. “I can’t even access the urgent testing I need. If I don’t get this care, my life will change drastically. There is a possibility of losing my leg.”


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