To protect seniors and workers, the Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the province to ensure staff work in only one facility in long-term care and group homes.

“People are understandably very concerned about what an outbreak of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan long-term care homes could mean and are asking the province to do more to protect Saskatchewan seniors,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Federal guidelines recommend ‘cohorting,’ or grouping staff by ward or facility. Other provinces have already taken this step, and it’s time for Saskatchewan to step up and do the same.'

NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat emphasized that with many staff working in multiple facilities, it’s important to ensure staff not lose hours or income as a result of the requested change.

“So many facilities in Saskatchewan are already understaffed, leaving workers stretched and residents struggling to get the care they need,” said Mowat. “As we protect seniors, we need to ensure facilities have adequate staffing levels. We also need action to ensure that in a system that often relies on part-time positions, no critical healthcare worker loses income as a result of these measures.”

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