Meili encourages wearing of cloth masks to further slow the spread of COVID-19

With a public health consensus quickly emerging that wearing a cloth mask can slow the spread of COVID-19, NDP Leader Ryan Meili is encouraging Saskatchewan people to begin wearing cloth masks in public, while continuing to stay home as much as possible and practice physical distancing.

“Saskatchewan people are staying home as much as they can. But every day, essential workers are going to work. Every day thousands of people are going to pharmacies, grocery stores, medical appointments, their jobs. Because they have to. Which is why we have to use every measure available to protect people,” said Meili.

“That’s why we’re now encouraging people to take one additional measure to slow the spread of COVID-19: wearing a non-medical grade cloth mask when you have to leave the house.”

With U.S. President Trump seeking to block the shipment of urgently needed medical equipment to Canada, Meili emphasized that masks such as N95s and surgical masks intended for healthcare workers must be reserved for healthcare workers. People who follow the recommendation instead, people can purchase cloth masks or make their own out of household materials. Meili released two videos today with tips on homemade masks and their appropriate use.

“You can easily make a simple mask to help keep yourself and others safe when you need to leave the house,” said Meili. “This is not a replacement for physical distancing. But it can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save lives.”

Meili released two videos explaining why wearing a mask is important and how to make one from simple materials:

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