Children’s Advocate report shows lack of oversight putting vulnerable kids at risk

REGINA - A report released today by Saskatchewan’s Advocate for Children and Youth makes it clear that the Sask. Party’s doesn’t care about keeping vulnerable kids safe.

“Our kids deserve the best care possible, but we are seeing a real lack of oversight under the Sask. Party,” said NDP Social Services Critic Meara Conway. “Minister Carr needs to answer for why her government has not made meaningful interventions to reduce the rate of kids in care while the group home model is on the rise. The Advocate has made it clear that the Ministry of Social Services doesn’t adequately resource or oversee these homes.”

Conway called on Minister Carr to act quickly on the recommendations in the report by:

  • Completely redesigning how government monitors quality of care in group homes
  • Creating permanent resources and development opportunities for group homes and their staff
  • Enhancing standards in group homes and the qualifications for operators

“The abuses against children confirmed by the Advocate are shocking in any case, but it is absolutely devastating to learn this is happening to children in the care of our government,” said Conway. “Real action is needed now before more kids slip through the cracks in Saskatchewan.”


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