Statement from NDP Leader Ryan Meili on challenging racism in Saskatchewan

Like many, I was shocked and disappointed when I saw a social media post making the rounds that was derogatory and racist to Chinese people, and even more so when I learned it was from a staffer in the Premier’s office.  It is distressing that this post was made at a time when Asian communities across Canada and here in Saskatchewan are raising concerns about rising racism and racist violence in the wake of COVID-19.

These communities deserve to know that Saskatchewan has their back. The statement provided by the Premier’s office offers no apology for this racist post, no redress for the communities impacted and no recognition that the remarks go beyond simply being "inappropriate social media activity."
This is now up to the Premier to answer: What will he do to ensure that this incident is treated with the seriousness it deserves, rather than brushing it aside as a simple HR issue? What will he do to ensure that racism has no place in his government – and in our province?

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