Beck sounds alarm on broken health care recruitment plan from Melville Hospital

MELVILLE - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck joined concerned residents in Melville to demand the government take real action on the rural health care crisis by offering full-time positions to urgently needed nurses, lab techs and other health workers. 

“The Sask. Party government has broken our health system and refuses to take responsibility,” said Beck. “The solutions are there for the government if they simply mustered the political will and courage to listen to health workers.”

Thirty-seven hospitals and care centers across the province are currently experiencing some form of service disruption, many of which are due to staffing constraints. Melville’s hospital has regularly closed its doors in recent months given short staffing. Internal and external jobs postings indicate that five nursing positions in Melville remain unfilled, all of which are advertised as part-time or casual. 

“I know Saskatchewan’s backroads, farms and small towns have so much to offer health workers wanting to make a life in our unique province,” said Beck. “Yet the Sask. Party government can’t expect health workers to flood in if they won’t offer them stable jobs.”

The Official Opposition calls on the government of Saskatchewan to stop stuttering hospitals and take seriously the recruitment and retention of health workers by offering full-time positions.


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