Worst job record, shrinking economy - Scott Moe’s legacy 5 years in

REGINA - Today, on the 5-year anniversary of Scott Moe’s swearing-in as premier, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Jobs and Economy Critic Aleana Young blasted Scott’s Moe’s failing record on the big three economic indicators: jobs, the economy and interprovincial migration over his first 5 years in office.

“Scott Moe has shrunk the economy, stalled job growth and sent our kids packing - if they can even find a flight,” said Beck. “Moe has utterly failed to sell our province's story to Canada, capitalize on Saskatchewan’s potential and give people the tools they need to succeed. He’s given up on making Saskatchewan all it can be.”

During Moe’s five years as Premier, Saskatchewan has had the worst overall rates of job growth (3%) and fulltime job growth (2%) in Canada. Saskatchewan’s economy performed the worst in Canada and shrunk 6% during the Moe years. And under Moe, Saskatchewan has lost 35,856 people net through interprovincial migration, more than every other province except Ontario. 

“Since taking office, Scott Moe has presided over the worst record on jobs and the economy,” said Young. “It’s crystal clear – the Sask. Party are the worst financial managers in Canada. Saskatchewan people need more jobs and bigger paycheques.”


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