Tale of two governments: Beck’s tour stops on Alberta border, calls for greater affordability relief

LLOYDMINSTER - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck stopped at the giant red survey stakes on the Saskatchewan-Alberta border in Lloydminster to illustrate the Sask. Party government’s inaction on the affordability crisis. She called on the government to follow the example of numerous other provinces like Alberta and enact measures to provide affordability relief to Saskatchewan families.

“Alberta is already on its second round of affordability relief, yet here in Saskatchewan we have a Sask. Party government that’s not only refusing to act – they are actively making life more expensive,” said Beck. “The price of almost everything is going up and Saskatchewan people need a government that makes life more affordable, not one that raises taxes while sitting on record revenues.”

Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador have already suspended provincial fuel taxes to give families and businesses a break at the pumps. The Saskatchewan government, which collects 15 cents per litre, has yet to follow suit and instead expanded the provincial sales tax and raised utility fees despite windfall revenues and 40-year high inflationary pressures. 

“Frankly, what I keep hearing from folks is that they’re tired of the political games. You’ve got federal and provincial politicians taking shots and blaming each other in the media while nothing is getting done,” said Beck. “Enough excuses. We need adults in the room. All levels of government need to work together to make life more affordable. It’s time to get back to work on real solutions.”

The Official Opposition reiterated its call from March to immediately cut the gas tax and introduce an affordability relief package offsetting the crushing cost of living. 


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