Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition on the verdict in the Gerald Stanley trial

Tonight, a trial that has gripped our entire province and attracted attention from around the world came to an end. But, it is as clear tonight as ever, our journey toward reconciliation is far from over.

Like many of you, my heart continues to break for Colten Boushie’s family and community. Their pain is immeasurable and incomprehensible to most of us.

The strong reactions that so many of us are feeling are valid.

Our shared histories mean that the road to reconciliation is never easy. There are deep divides that we still see today – rural and urban, Indigenous, non-Indigenous and New Canadian – but now, as ever, we need to be open to listening to each other and working to bridge these divides.

Admitting that we have more work to do and that there are ways that we can make Saskatchewan a stronger and more equitable place is not a weakness. In fact, if we hope to make Saskatchewan stronger, we need to continually demand better of ourselves.

In the coming days, our team will be working with community members and leaders at all levels to address some of the concerns that have come to light. At the same time, we must recommit ourselves to the difficult and necessary work of continuing down the long path to reconciliation.

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