Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition, Nicole Sarauer, on the Sask. Party’s decision to scrap the changes made by Bill 40

“Despite nearly a full year of the Sask. Party defending their bill to allow the sell-off of 49 per cent of our Crown Corporations, they have finally admitted what Saskatchewan people knew all along; their Bill 40 was bad for Saskatchewan. 

“From the first day that they introduced Bill 40, we fought it in the Legislature and campaigned against it. People rallied in the streets, signed petitions, and were loud and clear that they were opposed to this obvious scheme to sell-off our Crowns without asking the people of Saskatchewan.  

“But the Sask. Party said we were all wrong. They pushed ahead without listening and, just a few months ago, every Sask. Party MLA stood in the Legislature and voted to make this reckless, dishonest and irresponsible bill the law of the land. Then, they scrapped STC and put SaskTel and SGI on the auction block.

“In May, the Premier said that passing Bill 40 allowed them to scrap and sell off STC. Will the Sask. Party now restore this vital service that tied our province together?

“Now, after all of this, the Sask. Party wants Saskatchewan people to believe that they have actually listened and, after nearly a decade in government, they have finally figured out that Crown Corporations are owned by Saskatchewan people. That is simply not believable.

“After defending this bill for so long and after all of the broken promises, the only thing that is perfectly clear today is, when it comes to our Crowns, the Sask. Party cannot be trusted.

“The people of Saskatchewan deserve a government that is working for them, not one that is working to save the Premier’s personal legacy so he can ride off into the sunset.


“The Saskatchewan NDP will continue to fight to save our Crowns and keep them in the hands of Saskatchewan people where they belong.”


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