Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition, Nicole Sarauer, in support of Saskatchewan workers and standing with the government of Alberta

As the Official Opposition in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan NDP stands with the Government of Alberta in opposing the actions announced yesterday by the Government of British Columbia.

We support a collaborative approach to getting pipelines approved that involves working with affected communities and other provincial governments but, with their actions yesterday, the BC government has gone beyond their constitutional powers and is now playing games that will not only hurt Western Canada’s resource development sector but also the thousands of workers who work in the sector and the hundreds of thousands more whose jobs benefit from a stronger economy.

Getting our resources to market is an essential part of our economy. Expanding pipeline capacity, through projects like Kinder Morgan, will create jobs, have positive effects on the Saskatchewan economy and transport crude oil more safely than possible with trucks and trains. If the BC government were truly interested in protecting the air we breathe, water we drink, and land we live on, they would work collaboratively to develop that clarity, long-term planning, and a responsible plan that would benefit us all.

At a time when thousands of people are out of work in Saskatchewan, and the unemployment rate is the highest it has been in two decades, we cannot stand by while another province further undermines jobs, projects, and interests in our province.

We stand with Saskatchewan workers and support the Alberta government’s position, and endorse their efforts to reassure investors, job creators and trading partners.

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