Statement from Official Opposition SLGA Critic Nathaniel Teed on the auctioning-off of profitable SLGA stores

I think a lot of people are asking themselves — “is this what I voted for?” Nobody asked for the Sask. Party to sell off profitable liquor stores that pay for our hospitals and schools or to lay off 400 workers in the middle of an affordability crisis. With this important stream of revenue lost, I fear the Sask. Party government will continue to increase taxes and hike power and energy bills again just to pay for their bad financial decisions.

Despite Sask. Party mismanagement, these SLGA retail stores are profitable and the Sask. Party still has yet to show their homework and prove otherwise. In fact, they projected that SLGA Retail would make a profit of $2.5 million in their 2022/2023 Business Plan

Of all the premiers, Scott Moe had the worst job creation record in the country in 2022, and instead of starting 2023 off with a real jobs plan he’s robbing 400 people of good, mortgage-paying jobs. 


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