Statement from Official Opposition Education Critic Carla Beck to the Minister of Education’s press availability

With the benefit of having weeks to prepare and study how Omicron spread through other provinces, today we expected the Sask. Party government to outline a back-to-school plan to keep students safe. There was no plan at all.

Everyone agrees that it is in the best interest of students to have them in school. However, a “wait and see” strategy that risks their safety will not accomplish that. If you know a hurricane is coming, you don’t wait for the storm to hit to board up your windows. The longer you wait and sit on your hands, the fewer options you leave for school divisions and parents, eventually forcing classes online when you no longer have the staffing capacity in schools. 

Today’s announcement exemplifies the pattern that has come to define the Sask. Party’s response to the COVID pandemic: too little, too late. The Education Minister had no plan for staffing, promised no additional PPE, ventilation upgrades, funding or new measures that can be found in every other province. This approach will not keep kids and school staff safe.


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