Statement from NDP Opposition Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon in response to the Sask. Party government’s Mid-Year Financial Report

The Mid-Year Financial Report released today shows that the Sask. Party’s failure to contain the fourth wave has not only hurt Saskatchewan's people and our health care system but has also hurt the province's public finances and our economy.

This government’s fourth wave failures have cost our healthcare system dearly. It’s cost people their surgeries, their organ transplants, and the procedures that were so desperately needed. It has cost people their lives. But what this report also confirms is that it comes at a very high cost to our public finances and to the economic recovery that Saskatchewan people deserve.

While we see encouraging revenue strength from our resource sector, this mid-year report confirms that we're last in the nation with respect to job creation. The government is missing this opportunity and is failing to put us in a position of strength because of their inexcusable mismanagement that has cost people their lives, and that's hit our public finances and our economy hard.


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