Statement from NDP Leader Ryan Meili in response to the announcement from the RCMP following their investigation into GTH land procurement

“We are thankful for the important work and diligence that the members of the RCMP put into this file. Having spent 28 months investigating it shows that there are some serious concerns around how the Sask. Party handled land procurement at the GTH. It’s important to note that even though no charges were announced today, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t wrongdoing.”

“The work in holding the Sask. Party to account will remain, as we still need to get to the bottom of how and why millions of Saskatchewan taxpayers’ dollars were wasted in this expensive land flip. The NDP, along with many Sask. Party leadership candidates, have been calling for a full judicial inquiry into this matter. We renew our call once again.”

“The Sask. Party’s handling of the GTH has been cloaked by mismanagement and a serious lack of transparency. The people of the province deserve clear answers as to why their money has been so badly wasted and who benefitted.”

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