Statement from NDP Labour Critic Carla Beck and NDP Jobs and Economy Critic Aleana Young

Regina - “It is heartbreaking to hear about layoffs at the Co-op Refinery today.  These workers have already been through an extremely tough year after having been unfairly locked out of their jobs for months during a pandemic.  

Workers fought hard to protect their rights and their pensions and now they're out of a job. Another 87 people laid off and 87 more families facing the reality of unemployment. It’s a disaster. 

Mass layoffs and job losses in our energy sector like this are devastating for families and devastating to our local economy. After a very tough year so many people are struggling. More local layoffs spells trouble for our city and our province.

Scott Moe and the Sask. Party can’t keep pretending that everything is fine. We need a real jobs plan to help people who are out of work and a plan to protect our local economy. Scott Moe needs to show some leadership and help laid off workers instead of crossing his fingers and hoping things get better.”

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