“The information released today on the Village of Pinehouse raises far more questions than it answers. Robertson’s inspection and Vancise’s inquiry come to drastically different conclusions. The Sask. Party government must not be allowed to sweep further examination of this issue under the rug.

“Today we’re calling on the Minister of Government Relations to act immediately on the five recommendations from the September 2019 inspection. In particular, a full forensic compliance review of expenses is essential, including for previous years. Of the expenses examined, only eight per cent were found to be fully compliant with the law.

“Finally, we are currently awaiting the results of an FOI request to the Northern Village of Pinehouse seeking records of any undeclared political donations made by the Village or its subsidiaries to political entities, including provincial constituency associations. Because of the slow pace of the response, we have asked the Freedom of Information Commissioner to review the request and would urge the Village to comply promptly.”

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