Statement by the Leader of the Official Opposition Nicole Sarauer and the Saskatchewan NDP on Canada Day

“Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

“On behalf of Saskatchewan’s New Democrats and the Official Opposition, it is my pleasure to join you in celebrating this important milestone in our country’s history.

“In 150 years of confederation, we have accomplished many great things and, here in Saskatchewan, we can look back on the legacies of leaders in our province like Tommy Douglas, John Diefenbaker, Violet McNaughton, and Gordie Howe and the important contributions they have made to our country. Let us also not forget other Saskatchewan leaders like Chief Mistawasis, Louis Riel, and Fred Sasakamoose who helped to shape Canadian history.

“Canada 150 celebrations are made better when we not only celebrate our successes as a country but also acknowledge our mistakes and embrace the thousands of years of history on this land that came before 1867. 

"So, as we look back and celebrate 150 years as a country, let’s look forward, celebrate our province's motto, ‘From many peoples, strength’ and let’s commit to building together towards reconciliation and equality so we can unlock our full potential in the years to come.”


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