Seniors form “safety squad” after Moe gov’t opens housing to people with addictions challenges

Meth use, weapons, public defecation have seniors on edge in their own homes

SASKATOON - Today, Official Opposition Critic for Seniors Matt Love and Social Services Critic Meara Conway stood with seniors who feel unsafe and ignored after the Moe government decided to open their housing complex to younger people experiencing complex addictions challenges.

“The government has abandoned these seniors and it’s simply unacceptable,” said Love. “It should not be too much to ask that our parent’s generation live in dignity and security. Many long-time residents here don’t want to give up on their friends or simply can’t afford to move elsewhere.”

The Scott and Forget apartments are meant for lower-income seniors aged 55 and older. The towers used to be a quiet, tight-knit community, but now residents are on edge and feel like prisoners in their own homes.

Meth is being smoked in stairwells. Weapons have recently been found in common areas. Human feces was smeared on elevator buttons and door knobs little more than a week ago. Fires have been set in common areas. And residents have reported cockroach infestations. 

Long-time residents have resorted to forming a "safety squad" to protect each other. They’ve also called on their local MLA, Lisa Lambert, for help, but have yet to see any action.

“Everyone deserves to be housed and supported, but the answer to 17 years of Sask. Party mismanagement is not to throw everyone together without planning and the right supports,” said Conway. “The Sask. Party government is completely out of touch with the challenges facing our parents and the most vulnerable. It’s time for a change.”

Last November, Premier Scott Moe and Sask. Party MLA Greg Lawrence were sharply criticized by Moose Jaw seniors after their housing complex was opened to people experiencing complex addictions challenges. 

Open drug use, issues around public defecation, cockroach infestations, and unsafe living conditions were also reported in the Moose Jaw’s High Park Towers.


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