Sask. Party MLAs from Regina vote in favour of their party taking over Wascana Centre Authority

Today, Sask. Party MLAs from Regina voted to silence local voices at the Wascana Centre Authority in favor of handing total control to the Sask. Party government.

“The Sask. Party has been shutting down local voices in education and healthcare, and now they’re silencing local voices in the Wascana Centre Authority,” said NDP Parks Critic and Regina Elphinstone Centre MLA Warren McCall “These Sask. Party MLAs should be standing up to support the jewel in our Queen City’s crown, not voting along party line to hand control over to the government.”

Today’s vote on The Provincial Capital Commission Act abolishes the 11-seat Wascana Centre Authority that has served the park for half a century and has ensured local control with government input and replaces it with a government-controlled board.

“This government mismanages everything they get their hands on,” said McCall “after a decade-long run of mismanagement, scandal and waste, we can’t trust the Sask. Party with the keys to Wascana Centre too and those Sask. Party MLAs know that as much as anyone.”

Sask. Party MLAs from Regina who voted for the takeover include: 

  • Regina Coronation Park MLA Mark Docherty
  • Regina Gardiner Park MLA Gene Makowsky
  • Regina Northeast MLA Kevin Doherty
  • Regina Pasqua MLA Muhammad Fiaz
  • Regina University MLA Tina Beaudry-Mellor
  • Regina Walsh Acres MLA Warren Steinley
  • Regina Wascana Plains MLA Christine Tell

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