RFP raises questions about Premier Moe’s commitment to a new hospital for Prince Albert: NDP

The NDP is calling on Premier Scott Moe to clarify his commitment to a new hospital in Prince Albert. Moe campaigned on a promise of a new, provincially funded hospital for P.A. during his successful run for leadership of the Sask. Party last year, but a recently released request for proposals (RFP) by the Saskatchewan Health Authority for the “redevelopment” of the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert suggests the Premier may now be backing away from that promise.

“The Premier and Finance Minister have repeatedly promised the people of Prince Albert a new hospital,” said Prince Albert Northcote MLA Nicole Rancourt. “We know that this promised new hospital is desperately needed to ensure the people of the city and surrounding area get the care they need, so why is the Sask. Party quietly moving away from this commitment?”

The tender issued on September 4 shows that the Sask. Party is considering both “greenfield” (new) and “brownfield” (refurbished) options for the Victoria Hospital Development Project. The RFP also outlines significant work and numerous studies that have been undertaken to assess the viability of simply re-developing the original hospital instead.

“If Premier Moe now thinks refurbishing the old hospital was good enough, he should have campaigned on that position," said Rancourt. 

“This is about transparency and delivering on a promise. So far we’ve seen neither from Premier Moe or his government,” said NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat. “The Premier was chosen as leader of his party on a promise of a new hospital. The people of Prince Albert and area deserve some clarification as to what they are actually getting.”

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